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Brooklyn Park is a suburban area situated near the West Bank of the Mississippi River. In recent times the incidence of accidents and car crashes has been rising. So to save lives and maintain peace, a specialized branch of medicine is dedicated to providing immediate care in case of road accidents and crashes. The professionals working in this field are known as auto injury specialists. 

According to a survey conducted in Brooklyn Park, it is found that most healthcare professionals and doctors consider accidents and car crashes a medical emergency even if the affected one does not have any significant injuries. Damage to tendons, ligaments, muscles, joints, and mental trauma that accidents may cause can show symptoms after weeks or months, depending on severity. Hence it is always advised that if one has gone through an accident, they must be in a doctor’s observation until every investigation procedure is carried out correctly. 

Do you know someone who has recently been through an accident or an injury? If yes, advise them to get medical help if they haven’t considered it yet. Many  Brooklyn Park auto injury specialists are accessible in the city that you can contact for help!

Most common injuries caused by a car accident

There can be several reasons that may cause a car accident. Some of the common causes are listed below. 

  • Whiplash 

During an accident, when your head quickly jerks in the forward or backward direction, there is a chance that a bone or muscle can be broken or torn. It can also affect the spinal discs, neck, jaws, ligaments, and tendons. 

  • Back and spinal cord injuries 

Accidents can affect your back region and spinal cord in most cases. Generally, people experience symptoms like limited mobility of the bones, excessive backache, and weakness in the body. 

  • Brain injuries 

One of the most sensitive injuries that a car accident or an auto injury incident can lead to is an injury in the brain or head area. Initially, there is a chance that internal injuries may produce no or limited symptoms, but with time it can lead to severe conditions such as cognitive symptoms, behavioral changes, and fatigue. 


Auto injuries or accidents are a common phenomenon that is not given much importance until an individual shows severe external injuries such as bleeding. But one should prioritize the condition and call for immediate help in case of a car crash, even if it is minor. In addition, one should stay in touch with auto injury specialists for a few days, even after the incident, for proper checkups. 

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