Cosmetic Surgery surging today rapidly; learn the types 

Screen time has significantly increased whether we talk about work or any activity. Less portion is consumed on taking care of the skin. Also, as per Dr. John Freeman “Beauty is Power” to have that power taking care of the face is utmost. Cosmetic surgery is one of the opted options these days because people are getting more conscious about how well they look.

Through this post, get a crisp understanding of why cosmetic surgery is picked today and some of the top picked surgeries. 

Why is cosmetic facial surgery in surge today? 

Acceptance: Rolling a few years back, people were conscious about their marks, but now the same people are flaunting their bandage noses over social media. This shows their acceptance. Cosmetic surgery is celebrated today because people aren’t scared to accept the change and be the self they actually want.
Affordable: Cosmetic surgeries were only for the uber-wealthy before but today because of some best doctors today everyone can think about it. There are multiple financial options available right from the medical credit cards to personal loans. People today can go with these options to cover the cosmetic procedure with less hassle. 

Tech Advancement: The involvement of technology has improvised the entire procedure and became the safest and reliable method for surgery today. Lasers weren’t there 10 years ago, but today almost all doctors prefer that. 

Top chosen cosmetic surgery 

Face Lift: With age, skin stretches and face lift make sure you look younger irrespective of your age. This procedure reduces the sagging skin look and smoothen the cheeks and jawline. Some experts also call this process as Rhytidectomy. 

Buccal Fat Pad Removal: As the name suggests, it removes the buccal fat pad. It is one of the naturally occurring pads of fat in the cheek hollow area. However, the buccal fat pad varies from individual. The treatment is ideal for the patients between 20-50+ years old. 

Scar Revision: This process is done to improve the appearance of a scar anywhere on the body. Discoloration or the surface irregularities can be cosmetically improved with this surgery.

Acne Scars: Punch excision by the cosmetic surgeon cuts out the individual acne scars. The process also repairs the wound with stitches or a skin graft. Needles are used to loosen fibers below a scar. 


Cosmetic surgery is nothing new. People from the golden period have been opting for this therapy. Today with the advancement of technology and dedicated learning of the surgeons cosmetic therapy is a seamless process.

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