Why You Should Consider Getting Ultratooth Dental Implants

According to statistics, around 178 million Americans have at least one missing tooth. If you have lost one or more teeth, consider tooth replacement options. It is most likely that your dentist has mentioned dentures, bridges, and traditional dental implants to you. But have you considered Ultratooth Orlando dental implants? This single-day tooth replacement technique allows you to regain the full function of your teeth. You can get back your elegant smile in just a single visit. Here is a look at why you should consider Ultratooth dental implants.

Same Day Smile Restoration

Unlike traditional implants that take months to install, Ultratooth is a same-day or immediate-load dental implant. It is now possible to walk into your office with a missing tooth and walk out with a temporary crown on the same day. You only need to return to your dentist to install the permanent crown once it is made in the dental lab. This is especially beneficial if you require an extraction. You will get your tooth extracted and immediately get an Ultratooth dental implant.

Minimized Bone Loss

If you have missing teeth, the longer it takes to replace them, the higher the risk of losing more bone density. While you might think the primary function of teeth is chewing food. However, the roots of the teeth help stimulate the jawbone, which keeps the bone strong and healthy. Therefore, when you have a missing tooth, and the support structure is not there, the bone begins to melt away. Because Ultratooth dental implants make immediate contact with the jawbone, your risk for bone risk is highly minimized.

Speed Up Treatment Timeline

Compared to traditional dental implants, Ultratooth significantly speeds up your treatment timeline. You may wonder how this is possible. As an FDA-approved immediate implant, Ultratooth has been designed to make contact with the jawbone with an apical design. The technique has four contact points that allow them to secure itself in the surrounding bone immediately. This is opposed to conventional implants that utilize a lengthy fusing process to offer stability.

Immediate Use After Treatment

After the treatment, Ultratooth offers a high level of patient satisfaction. It gives the comfort of knowing that you can normally eat after treatment. You won’t need to wear uncomfortable dentures as your implant heals. The treatment is highly appealing, and patients can talk and eat comfortably during the healing process with minimal disruption to daily life. You won’t have to wait for full jawbone healing before resuming its use.

Highly Durable Results

Ultratooth dental implants offer long-lasting results, particularly if you maintain proper dental hygiene. You can easily care for them by brushing, flossing, and avoiding hard bites. This way, you can stay for a lifetime without considering getting another dental implant.

In conclusion, you can have a new set of teeth daily. If you are missing your lower, upper, or booth jaw teeth or will soon undergo teeth extraction, consider Ultratooth dental implants. Ultratooth implants will help eliminate the long healing periods, costly dental surgeries, and bone and gum grafting due to loss after teeth extraction. Regular dental care at your dentist’s office will help protect your dental implants and maintain your healthy smile for decades.

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