What Treatments Address Sexual Wellness in Men and Women?

Do you know about sexual wellness? Sexual wellness is not just about sexual intercourse and diseases transmitted sexually. Instead, sexual wellness focuses on all your aspects of life such that if you are undergoing stress, it can interfere with your sex life. Therefore, you should not ignore signs indicating an issue with your Atlanta sexual wellness. You and your partner deserve a positive sexual experience, and therefore if you are experiencing hormonal imbalance and erectile dysfunction, you should talk to your doctor. Here are available treatments your doctor may recommend to restore your sexual wellness.


In full, the shot is known as an Orgasm Shot and it uses natural growth factors and PRP to help address matters concerning your sexual wellness. An O-Shot can rejuvenate your vagina, improve painful sexual intercourse, increase your sex drive, reduce urinary incontinence, and deepen your orgasms. During treatment, your doctor will first apply a topical numbing medication to your vaginal wall and clitoris to ensure you are pain-free during treatment. You can ask for local anesthesia if you want one. Next, your doctor will inject your arm to draw blood, from which they will obtain PRP. Your doctor will finally inject the PRP rich of your body’s unique growth factors into your clitoris, which will take effect immediately. You may need up to one month to notice the full effects of the O-shot, which will then last up to two years.


The treatment addresses erectile dysfunction in men and works like the O-shot. Priapus shot, shortly known as P-shot, involves drawing blood from your arms and separating it in the lab to get a concentrated PRP with natural growth factors. Your doctor will inject the concentrated growth factors into your penis to give you long-lasting and firmer erections. Immediately after the injection, you will likely notice improvements in your penis length and girth, improving your sexual wellness. The results of this injection can last for 18 months, after which you can go for another repeated treatment session to improve your results. You can go for a P-shot alongside other erectile dysfunction treatments.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Your hormones are important in sending chemical messages to different parts of your body. However, aging may change how your body produces hormones, so their production fluctuates, causing hormonal imbalance. With hormonal imbalance, you will begin noticing symptoms like reduced sexual desire. Your doctor may recommend bioidentical hormone replacement therapy using plant extracts to replace your lost hormones. The plant extracts will produce hormones in pellets identical to those your natural body produces. The pellets will then dissolve as time goes by to restore hormonal balance, thus improving your symptoms of a reduced sex drive.

Without grasping the importance of sexual wellness, you may fail to understand its impact on your daily life. Sexual dysfunctions and hormonal imbalances may make the sexual experience a nightmare and cause you to lose confidence. Therefore, you should see your doctor and talk about your unsatisfying sex life and get recommendations on treatments that will suit your condition. Your doctor may include hormone replacement therapy for women and P-shots to treat erectile dysfunction in men. Do not let such symptoms interfere with your life when you can restore your sexual wellness and live a pleasurable life again.

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