Uncovering the Common Skin Cancer Myths

Skin cancer is pretty prevalent. It has the potential to be lethal, but early identification is crucial. The first crucial step in mitigating possible dangers is education. Knowing what causes cancer and what does not and taking preventative measures may spare you or a loved one a lot of anguish. Accessing the right information can reduce your chances of skin cancer in Glen Allen, especially if exposed to its risk factors. Find out the truth about some of these myths about skin cancer.

Tanning beds are less dangerous than the sun

Tanning beds expose users to UV light, which may cause premature aging, skin cancer, and discoloration. One in five Americans may get skin cancer from sun exposure. Tanning beds and sun lamps pose health risks because they emit ultraviolet (UV) radiation. It is strongly advised by dermatologists that you avoid using tanning beds and sun lamps. The possibility that they raise melanoma risk is supported by mounting research. Sunless tanning products are an option if you want to seem tanned without really tanning.

People who tan quickly and infrequently burn will not get cancer

A suntan is never good for you. A deviation from your normal skin tone indicates skin damage. According to the available evidence, the chance of acquiring skin cancer is considerably increased by tanning. Tans result from an increase in a pigment called melanin, which indicates skin damage. Exposed skin produces more melanin to defend itself against additional UV radiation damage. The likelihood of acquiring skin cancer or another sun-related illness rises every time your skin tone changes after being exposed to the sun.

Skin cancer is one of the most detectable and treatable forms of cancer

This is a widely held yet false belief about skin cancer. Regular self-examination of the skin is essential. Nonetheless, it is not always simple to recognize new or shifting areas. Some changes are quite subtle. It is important to remember that many spots on the skin are inconveniently located for closer inspection. It is smart to be checked often by a doctor so that any worrisome moles may be removed quickly and easily. The early detection of skin cancer is crucial since certain forms of therapy may be rather invasive. It is not anything to be trifled with.

Sunburns and skin cancer are not a concern for those with dark skin

People with darker skin tones are more protected against UV rays. However, it is still feasible for people to be exposed to enough damaging UV rays to cause irreversible DNA damage in their skin cells and raise their risk of skin cancer. Everyone should take the necessary measures outdoors regardless of skin color or type.

Skin cancer is a major health problem globally. Unfortunately, it has its fair share of misguided information. The internet spreads a lot of rumors regarding skin cancer. However, to protect yourself, you need accurate information. As such, separating the myths from the facts should be a priority. It allows you to get an accurate diagnosis and the best treatment possible. Consult with Absolute Dermatology and Skin Cancer to learn more about skin cancer. 

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