Top Reasons to Seek Non-Surgical Vein Therapy

Spider and varicose veins are more than aesthetic imperfections. They can cause pain, cramping, swelling, and other unpleasant symptoms and complications like life-threatening deep vein thrombosis. While you could be shying away from treatment, fearing that surgery is inevitable, Kristen Forsythe FNP, offers innovative non-surgical therapies that can effectively address vein problems. The non-surgical approaches include venaSeal® glue and venous ablations. Among the reasons non-surgical vein therapy is the go-to treatment option include:

Minimally-invasive procedures

Non-surgical vein treatments use a small incision. This usually entails a needle piercing the skin and using a catheter to access the ailing veins. The minimally-invasive nature means the procedures are fast, do not necessitate anesthetic use or hospital stay, and the recovery is quick. This means no downtime, allowing you to address the affected veins without waiting for overwhelming symptoms to kick in for a hospital visit.

Effective symptoms management

Pain, cramping, and swelling can significantly impact the quality of your life. This is more so since the symptoms affect how active you can get as they tend to worsen with activities like standing and walking. The non-surgical therapy closes and destroys the affected damage, redirecting the blood flow to the nearby healthy vessels. This means blood won’t keep pooling, resulting in pain and swelling. Effective symptom management allows you to return to an active lifestyle.

Permanent veins treatment

The non-surgical approach may seem like a quick fix for the varicose veins and spider veins problem. Nonetheless, the treatments result in permanent damage to the affected blood vessels. This means they won’t reoccur after treatment, although new spider or varicose veins can develop. The good news is that you eliminate the symptoms affecting your activities after treatment. This means you can exercise better to improve circulation and muscle strength, which helps prevent new spider and varicose veins from developing.

Aesthetically pleasing results

Minimally-invasive vein treatment does not include large incisions like open surgery. This translates to minimal chances of scaring. A small incision has minimal chances of infection. This translates to quick healing, so you won’t have to worry about scarring. Spider or varicose treatment resulting in a scar could beat one of the main reasons you sought the care since it could be apparent or worse than the veins’ appearance. The non-surgical vascular treatments do not cause scarring, and with improved circulation, your skin’s health will improve, delivering aesthetically pleasing results.

Prevent complications

Non-surgical vascular treatments provide a fast option to address the problem and mitigate complications chances. If the affected veins are left untreated, you could develop sores or ulcers that take long to heal. This means infection risk is high, which puts your overall health at peril. Moreover, you could develop blood clots which can dislodge and travel to other vital organs like the lungs, posing life-threatening dangers.

Spider/varicose veins may be an unsightly concern initially, but you shouldn’t let them escalate. If your home remedies fail or you experience pain and cramping, you should promptly seek medical attention when non-surgical options are still viable. Contact Vascular Specialists today for more on non-surgical vein therapies.

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