Pediatric Dentistry: What Every Parent Needs To Know

As a parent, you wish to see your child develop healthy teeth and gums with little to no dental complications, right? Your child will need specific dental procedures to help them keep up with oral health. Including pediatric dentistry Totowa into your child’s oral health schedule as soon as their first teeth show will go a long way in promoting overall wellness. During your pediatric visit, your doctor will recommend procedures, including dental fillings, sealants, cleaning, and extractions when necessary. Here is an in-depth discussion of common procedures your child can benefit from during a pediatric visit.

Basic Education for Parents on Oral Health

The key to ensuring your child maintains healthy oral health is learning about behaviors that will help them achieve the same. During a pediatric dentistry visit, your doctor will teach you how to brush your child’s teeth and how much toothpaste to put on their toothbrush. Your pediatric doctor will also suggest healthy snacks for your child to promote oral health. Additionally, your doctor will encourage you to practice healthy oral habits, including brushing your teeth twice daily, flossing, and eating healthy diets.

Dental Cleanings

While brushing and flossing your child’s teeth will keep their teeth clean, it may not be enough to achieve optimal oral health. Therefore, you can schedule a pediatric dental visit for your child to get a professional cleaning. Although the first pediatric visit may not involve an intense cleaning, it will help your child get comfortable for future dental visits. The session will involve reviewing your child’s oral health and then scraping plaque on their tooth as they grow.

Dental Fillings

Your child may require a dental filling if they have a cavity or more than one cavity in their baby and permanent teeth. During this procedure, your doctor will remove the cavity and fill the hole with a white composite material. A dental filling will save your baby’s tooth and prevent it from premature loss.

Dental Sealants

Your child’s toothbrush will remove food particles from the tooth surface but will not penetrate the dental grooves to extract plaque and food particles. However, pediatric dentistry may involve applying sealant onto the teeth surface to seal out food and plaque. The sealant will act as a barrier to protect your child’s enamel from plaque and protect it from decay.

Tooth Extraction

Naturally, your child will lose their first set of teeth at the age six, but tooth extraction may be necessary if this natural process does not occur. Your pediatric dentist will recommend a dental extraction to ensure proper space for the development of adult teeth. Also, a dental extraction may be necessary if your child has severely damaged teeth that no other repair will work.

Dental procedures may sound scary, especially if you are seeking them for your child and are still determining their experience during the visit. However, getting them to a pediatric dentist is important in ensuring your child grows up with healthy teeth. You can start as soon as your child develops their first teeth to encourage them to continue the habit even when they grow older. You can talk to your pediatric dentist if you need guidelines to help promote dental health for your child at home.

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