Labeling your glass jars and bottles: The 5 best types of labels

No matter if you are selling honey or jam or want to organize your kitchen cabinets or bathroom – bottle and jar labels are a necessity. They are not only helpful for knowing what is in each container, but it also makes finding what you need much easier. But what type of label is best for your needs? Here are five of the best types of labels to use:

1. Clear labels

These are probably the most common type of labels for bottles and jars, and they are very versatile. Clear labels are printed onto a transparent film, which is why they are often used to brand see-through containers. They can be used on both glass and plastic containers, and they can be printed onto in a variety of colors.

2. White labels

If you want your labels to really stand out, white labels are a good choice. They look clean and crisp on glass or plastic containers, and they are easy to see from a distance, no matter the color of your containers. The white base also gives you a beautiful canvas to create vibrant colors and details.

3. Glitter labels

If you want your containers to have a bit more personality, glitter labels are a great option. They come in a variety of colors and styles, and they add some sparkle to any container. If you cannot image what these could look like, take a look at the honey jars below. The glitter works beautifully with the golden color of the label.

4. Eco-friendly clear labels

Do you want to be environmentally friendly? Then eco-friendly clear labels are a good choice. They are made from sustainably sourced wood pulp and can completely biodegrade within 12 weeks of being put in your compost bin at home. Despite that, they are just as durable as clear vinyl labels – and just as transparent!

5. Paper labels

If you want a more temporary label, paper labels are a good option. They can be written on with a pen or pencil, and they can be easily removed when you no longer need them. Just like eco-friendly labels, these paper labels are completely biodegradable, so much better for the environment. Simply be sure not to use these labels around water as paper is splash proof only.

No matter what type of custom label you choose, make sure it is durable and easy to read. Label makers are a great way to create professional-looking labels, and they can be found at most office supply stores.

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