Is An Air Track Mat Good For Gymnastics?

Every gymnast’s dream is to have their own air track mat. This type of track has a trampoline-like surface that offers a bouncy surface for performing flexible tumbles and a soft surface to land on. It can be used in conjunction with bars or without and is much more forgiving than the hard ground or floor.

Air tracks are available in different colors and sizes and can be installed indoors or outdoors, depending on your preference.

A good air track mat is expensive and hard to come by, so it’s no surprise that we are constantly told that air track mats are not ideal for gymnastics artdailynewsonline. Because of this perception, however, many coaches and parents don’t want to spend the money on an air track. Is this perception accurate? Should we skip the air track?

This question has been debated semi-regularly among gymnastics coaches/parents. Some people claim that air track mats are not good for gymnastics. Air tracks often make tumbling “too easy,” and the mats are not good for landing skills. In addition, some people say that air tracks are soft and can be dangerous to land on irtdaily.

Many coaches and parents have already rejected the possibility of an air track for these reasons.


The act or art of performing feats of agility, especially on a flexible bar apparatus in which vaults, leaps, balances, and tumbling passes are performed.

An air track mat consists of nothing more than a large trampoline surface meant to be used for gymnastics. It should not be used for any other activity businesslognews.


Air track mat – the landing surface is a soft, springy surface developed to absorb some energy while allowing you to perform multiple repetitions of cartwheels, handstands, and back walkovers.

Landing surface:

Air track mats provide a cushioned and forgiving landing surface for gymnasts. The mat provides a soft “spring-like” body that allows gymnasts to perform multiple handstands, back walkovers, and cartwheels safely and comfortably.


The action of rhythmic cheering with arms held up in a shouting position and motion.

The action of rhythmic cheering is quite similar to tumbling. A tumbler should be able to perform at least ten cartwheels, a few flips, and handstands and land on their feet multiple times before they are considered to “have mastered” their routine. If gymnasts cannot do these things repeatedly, they are likely not ready for cheerleading.

Martial arts:

The art of developing in oneself, or in others, the qualities of calmness under stress, balance, flexibility, and power by training self-discipline and self-containment.

Many martial arts train their students to perform acrobatic/dynamic/agile stunts (like a gymnast would do) through rigorous exercises and intricate techniques. Many martial arts require students to learn timing and sequencing before moving on to more difficult skills. The precise execution of maneuvers is critical for success in these disciplines.

Water yoga:

An aquatic exercise that improves strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness through the use of exercises and positions.

Water Skiing is one form of water yoga that involves negotiating various body movements through the water. This type of yoga could also be useful for tumbling since this sport requires that gymnasts have excellent buoyancy, balance, and body control.

Hacking and surfing are other water activities that could benefit gymnasts.

Is an air track good for gymnastics?

An air track can be beneficial for gymnasts if it is used correctly. Air Track mats are unsuitable for gymnastics use for floor exercises (e.g., handstands and flips on the floor). Kameymall is the perfect place to buy air track mats. 

Gymnasts can use Air Track mats for tumbling, vaulting, rope climbing, learning dance moves, and many other gymnastics skills.

To get the most out of an Air Track, it is important to use it correctly. The mat should be used in conjunction with bars or beams and not without them.

Because the mat is a surface, it is important to stay low, usually parallel to or slightly below the floor, to minimize injury risk. If gymnasts incorrectly land on an air track, they can injure themselves. One of the most common causes of injury at air tracks is a “pigeon drop,” landing on the edge of the mat and falling back off them.

If used correctly, Air Track mats are extremely safe for gymnasts. In addition to being safe, Air Track mats cost much less than bars and beams.


Many of the concerns surrounding an air track are unfounded. An air track is a great surface for gymnastics, especially for tumbling and height skills. Air track mats are cheaper than bars and beams and less expensive than trampoline pads.

This should not be a reason to avoid all air tracks, however. One must remember that air tracks offer a soft landing surface, usually cushioned with springs or foam. These surfaces can cause injuries if abused or used to replace proper training methods.

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