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How Do I Get a California Real Estate License?

Before applying to get a California real estate license, make sure you’ve completed the required coursework. You can find an application on the California Department of Real Estate’s website. The next step is to take a real estate exam. The exam will consist of 150 to 200 questions and can be difficult, but you can prepare by studying for it for at least a week. Allied’s program is designed to reflect real estate exam questions from California. It also offers extra study materials, including digital flash cards and “Exam Cram” videos.

If you wish to take a salesperson examination, you must complete the Salesperson Examination Application and pay the required fee. Your college degree or college course transcripts must verify that you have completed college courses related to real estate. Once you’ve met all of the requirements, you’ll receive an Examination Schedule Newshunttimes Notice. If you’ve qualified, you can schedule your exam online or check your schedule with the eLicensing system.

The cost of a California real estate license is $245, which includes a $60 examination fee. To prepare for the exam, you can enroll in a pre-licensing course for about $100 online. Test prep courses can help you ace the exam. They also improve your chances of passing the real estate examination. However, it’s not a quick process. For those who want to get started as a real estate agent as soon as possible, it can be worth preparing for this in advance.

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