How Can I Avoid Food Poisoning in China?

Unlike in most Western countries, food in China is largely safe. You can eat in restaurants and eat fried street food, but be sure to wash produce thoroughly and avoid strange or cheap food. When in doubt, ask the cook to remove ingredients and wash the dishes before eating. You can avoid food poisoning if you ask your server about the ingredients. In China, you should avoid eating at roadside stands that serve food that is contaminated with sewage.

In addition, you should avoid large cuts of meat, like steak, pork, or lamb. If possible, split up the meat into smaller portions before refrigeration, to prevent bacteria from growing. Fresh fruits and vegetables also provide important health benefits, but you should never eat them raw. You may not be aware that raw fruits and vegetables harbor harmful germs that can cause food poisoning. Cross-contamination in the kitchen can make food dangerous for you.

The World Health Organization, or WHO, is working to address this problem in China. The 12th Five-Year Plan of China lists food safety as a top national priority. Food safety is the responsibility of everyone involved, including farmers, retailers, cooks, and consumers. In 2015, China passed the Food Safety Law, which detailed 200 standards for food safety, from hygiene to labelling. However, food safety laws still have a way to go.

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