All about COVID-19- Things to Know to Save People’s Lives

COVID-19 has affected the lives of mankind. Due to the availability of vaccination and its dosage, things are more controlled worldwide. However, the time was tougher for many families who were struggling to earn on a daily basis. Apart from this, millions of people have lost their loved ones and the loss whether emotional or monetary is irreversible. That’s why, it is recommended to get the COVID-19 testing done from a good lab like Healthy Therapeutics Medical Practice, PLLC if you have flu-like symptoms. 

Testing labs

These tests are done in different labs, which are easily accessible and the reports don’t take longer to come. Some of the places, where these tests are available, are:

  • Government hospitals
  • Doctor’s clinics
  • Drive-up facilities 
  • Community testing sites
  • Home testing kits
  • Doctor’s clinics

It is suggested to choose a nearby clinic or hospital so that you can get reports quicker. You should also understand the types of tests to be performed depending on your medical condition. It is a good idea to talk to a good doctor to avoid any confusion if you or any of your family members have flu-like symptoms.

Types of COVID-19 tests

They are listed below:

  • PCR- The results can be received within 24-48 hours
  • Antigen- In this, results can be obtained in 15 minutes
  • Antibody- Tests may be available in 24 hours.

You must discuss with your healthcare provider about which test should you get done. It will help both of you and the society as a whole.  The samples for these tests may be taken from the nose, throat and saliva. An antibody test is performed with the help of a blood test. You need to be mentally prepared to give nasal swabs as many find it uncomfortable. 

While PCR and Antigen tests are performed to see the presence of the virus in the body, the antibody test is performed after the illness. If this test says positive even if you don’t have any symptoms, it can mean that you were infected with the virus without any signs. 

If the person falls severely ill, the doctor will ask to get a chest X-ray done to see whether the infection has reached the lungs. If the oxygen levels fall below a certain level, this can be fatal. Therefore, it is suggested to get the COVID-19 test done well on time. You can save lives if proper steps are taken such as isolating yourself.  

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