Why Does Everyone Hate Game Stop?

We all have our favorites and our least favorites when it comes to video game retail stores. And while GameStop caters to the gaming community, we also know that they are one of the most hated. Here are some reasons why people hate the company. You might have heard of Tom Cruise and Nate McMillan, but have you ever wondered why everyone hates this company? The company has done many things wrong and has many regrettable customer experiences, so why does everyone hate GameStop?

The most obvious reason for this hatred is the fact that GameStop gets money for pre-orders. They reward cashiers for pre-ordering games, and if they fail to meet their quotas, their jobs are at risk. That’s why they train employees to encourage pre-orders. Target even turns their shopping carts into Mario Karts! This way, consumers are encouraged to think they’re making a smart decision. You can continue to article to know about the world best travel place. 

The company has also changed the way associates interact with customers in-store. GameStop will soon outfit all of its employees with Microsoft Surface tablets. This will allow them to move freely within the store footprint and better serve customers. By eliminating the need to have a computer in the store, GameStop will make it easier for associates to serve customers. It’s important to remember that a store’s customer experience is the most important part of their success, and it should be a priority for all employees.

Another big problem with Gamestop is that their markup is insane. You can often make more money selling used games online. Many gamers have been fooled into thinking that they can make a profit by bringing back games that have been lying in their closets for years. While this approach may seem like a good idea in theory, it’s actually a money-making scheme that doesn’t work. Instead, these retailers simply make more money on Black Friday than they do during other days of the year.


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