Tips to Prepare for a Colonoscopy Procedure

Colorectal cancer is one of the leading types of cancer worldwide. It occurs when you have polyps in the colon. The chances of getting this condition depend on the type of polyps.

Adenomatous are some polyps with the capacity to develop into cancer. On the other hand, hyperplastic polyps do not always lead to cancer. In whichever case, it is good to seek a colonoscopy Katy for the correct diagnosis of whether you have precancerous growth in your colon. Keep reading this article to learn how to prepare for a colonoscopy appointment.

Ask Questions

You could be anxious about this procedure, especially if you have never sought it. The best thing to fight restlessness is to know what a colonoscopy entails. List important questions and present them to a gastroenterologist before the procedure.

Ask about how long the procedure will take. You can also inquire about the type of results that you are likely to get afterward. Your provider will be ready to equip you with appropriate information.

Adjust Your Diet

A few days before your appointment, you should make dietary changes. Eat small meal portions to boost the effectiveness of the procedure. Reducing the intake of fiber foods will also add up to the success of colonoscopy.

Popcorn and nut seeds are some of the meals that you should avoid. However, it would help if you stuck to healthy eating habits. Load up your plate with soft meals like smoothies.

Stock the Baby Wipes

With time, the preparation for a colonoscopy may seem unpleasant. Unfortunately, there is no getting around it. After the procedure, the skin around your bottom may experience irritation.

As a result, it can be painful to wipe the soft skin using the normal tissue roll. In that case, you should shift to the usage of baby wipes. Avoid the scented wipes since the perfumes can worsen irritation around your anus.

Get Support and Clear Your Schedule

After the colonoscopy, attending to the housework can be difficult. During this time, you will experience frequent urges for bowel movements. These movements can feel more distress than ever.

Sometimes it won’t be easy to control them. You will want someone to help you with daily chores at this stage. Before your appointment, you should seek support from your friends or relatives. If you have any pending schedules around your appointment, it is good to clear them before.

Make a Nest

Once the preps start functioning, it is good to stay near the bathroom. Also, you will want the necessities to be on your hand during this period. Sometimes it can even be difficult for you to leave the house.

Therefore, you should make yourself a comfy nest for smooth colonoscopy prep. Be sure to stock loose-fitting clothes such as pajamas to avoid irritating your bottom. You can help soothe your mood through entertaining books.

Are you anticipating the colonoscopy procedure? If yes, you have made a commendable step towards preventing colorectal cancer. Preparing for the best experience during and after the procedure is good.

Ask vital questions before an appointment to know what a colonoscopy entails. Limiting the intake of fiber meals before the colonoscopy procedure is also necessary. Besides, getting your friends or family support to help you during colonoscopy prep would be best.

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